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Dining Experience Without Boundaries

Terra Firma originates from the Latin meaning solid ground . We take pride in sourcing the best produce grown locally in the area that we cater on.

Who we are

Terra Firma Dining is an immersive outdoor catering experience like no other. Cooked exclusively over an open flame, this unique fire to table journey is a feast for all the senses. We are all about celebrating food, where it comes from and bringing people together. 

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What we do

Ideal for weddings, celebrations, corporate events and brand activations. Your guests will be treated to an open fire pit installation with delicious local produce slowly roasted over hot coals. This humble style of dining embraces back to basics cooking techniques, using only fire and the best local ingredients.

Great to see some creativity back in the food and catering industry. loved watching the food being cooked you could see the passion and care being taken in the preparation of the meals. A+++ highly recommend

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