Weekend Fire Pit
at Kenilworth Homestead

Join us for a unique dining experience, take a stroll through the veggie gardens, visit the farm animals and relax in the lush Hinterland surroundings. 

Introducing the weekend fire pit at Kenilworth Homestead every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm.

Inspired by the traditional Argentinian Asado Barbeque, the boys from Terra Firma will be cooking delicious local meats over the open flame for 6 hours, just in time for your weekend lunch in the Hinterland! 

Bring a picnic rug and join us for a lazy afternoon listening to live music and enjoying good food in the beautiful outdoors.


If you want to join us and see more of the cooking process and interact with the chefs, We recommend arriving earlier in the morning as at 12am we are mostly carving and getting ready for the service.

Come and set your picnic rug in the morning, enjoy a fresh coffee kart and breakfast



Adult lunch - $42

 3 meats cooked and seasonal vegetables cooked over the fire with homemade sauces 

Access to the property all day and Live Music

Child lunch - $12

Fire-roasted Argentinian sausage with seasonal vegetables and our barbequed ketchup

Access to the property all day and Live Music